Businesses often have access to resources that individuals on their own do not. Letters of Love offers many ways for businesses to use their resources to give back to their communities.


All of your money goes directly towards the operation of Letters of Love. 


This means paying for supplies and support for our clubs, providing emotional support items for patients, such as toys, books, and art supplies, and paying for all postage fees to send out our letters. 

It is very important to us here at Letters of Love to keep our high school and college clubs completely free of charge for students. We want to instill the message in our youth that you can change the world with kindness, and you don't need money to do so. In order to keep our organization free for all of our members, we are so thankful for the kind donations from our community.

It is our mission to spread smiles and love to the little ones who need it most, and your monetary contribution would help us greatly in fulfilling that mission.

Charity partnerships

Partnering with Letters of Love as your businesses' charity of the month/year is a very affordable and easy way to connect with and give back to your community. Our mission is to give emotional support to each and every child battling cancer and other serious illnesses. This mission makes it easy to partner with businesses because there is no cost to you! Although we deeply appreciate donations, as they allow us to gift toys, books, art supplies, animal therapy, and many more emotional support items to Children's Hospitals around the world, Letters of Love is built on emotional support. This gives us opportunities for a variety of partnerships, with monetary and in-kind donations. Our most popular partnership option is simply donating cards. This allows your business to come together, make cards (tie-blankets and friendship bracelets are always appreciated as well!) and change lives, with no cost to you. We are more than happy to accommodate each partnership to your business, ensuring the support of children in your community battling cancer are at the top of our priorities. 
Please email us at for more partnership information; we can't wait to make the world a kinder place with you.