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Letters of Love started as a high school club in Orono, Minnesota, so we know firsthand that there are so many ways teenagers can be a force for good in this world. We would love to help you bring more joy and love to your communities.

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Click on the links below to learn more information:
High school and college students

Oftentimes, kids are better at sharing and better at making others feel better than we are as "grown-ups." Our mission is to create a more loving world and we know we have a lot to learn from kids.

Even though we are a fully teen-run organization, we wouldn't be able to do all that we do without the support of our communities as a whole. We need your help to continue to spreading the love.

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Click on the links below to learn more information:


Businesses often have access to resources that individuals on their own do not. Letters of Love offers many ways for businesses to use their resources to give back to their communities.

Start your own Letters of Love club

The best way to support letters of love is joining our family! by creating your own letters of love chapter, you will truly change children's lives for the better in your own community. Starting a letters of love club is fun and easy, and we guarantee that you will change lives in a positive way.

If you are interested, email us and we will share our guide with you on how to start a club at your school!


Send us cards

If you are not interested in beginning a club, you can make cards individually, or with your friends and family! Making cards proves that the smallest acts of kindness can truly change lives. For each card donated to a child in need, so is a smile. 

When making your cards, please make sure the message inside the cards are positive and encouraging. Our goal at Letters of Love is to make sure each and every child knows that they are loved, important, and have a whole team (us!) fighting right along with them. 

You can send your cards to the following address:

PO Box 354

Letters of Love

Long Lake, MN 55356

United States



While Letters of Love is focused on emotional support rather than financial support, we run solely on donations. Your donation allows us to do several things.

  • Purchase card supplies

  • Publish our upcoming Children's Book

  • Provide animal therapy for patients and families

  • Donate new toys, books, and art supplies to hospitals in need

  • Host events to raise awareness for children battling cancer and other serious illnesses

  • Supply Letters of Love Packages to underfunded schools across the world

  • Make monetary donations to International Children's Hospitals in need


Follow us on social media

Stay connected and up to date on our latest projects by following our Instagram and Facebook pages.


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Buy one-give one LOL teddy bear

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new ways to support our superheroes. We are working to design a Letters of Love Teddy Bear, so that when you receive one, you will also be gifting one to a child battling cancer or another serious illness. The teddy bear will soon be available in our shop.


Subscribe to our monthly newsletter

Beginning this fall, we are kicking off our Letters of Love newsletter, Stories of Love! This newsletter will be filled with happy stories following some of our superheroes battling cancer and other serious illnesses. You will learn more about the amazing kids you are helping, as well as stay up to date with Letters of Love news, events, and more. 


Charity partnerships

Partnering with Letters of Love as your businesses' charity of the month/year is a very affordable and easy way to connect with and give back to your community. Our mission is to give emotional support to each and every child battling cancer and other serious illnesses. This mission makes it easy to partner with businesses because there is no cost to you! Although we deeply appreciate donations, as they allow us to gift toys, books, art supplies, animal therapy, and many more emotional support items to Children's Hospitals around the world, Letters of Love is built on emotional support. This gives us opportunities for a variety of partnerships, with monetary and in-kind donations. Our most popular partnership option is simply donating cards. This allows your business to come together, make cards (tie-blankets and friendship bracelets are always appreciated as well!) and change lives, with no cost to you. We are more than happy to accommodate each partnership to your business, ensuring the support of children in your community battling cancer are at the top of our priorities. 


Please email us at for more partnership information; we can't wait to make the world a kinder place with you. 


Become a volunteer

Letters of Love is always looking for new members for our ever-growing family! There are so many different ways you can lend a hand. Click the links below to learn more about the roles, hear from some of our current volunteers and to apply. ​

If you have any questions, shoot us an email!


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