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Music holds so much power. It can sway our mood, influence our days and even help heal us. We caught up with some music therapists and young artists to learn about their experiences with music. Keep scrolling to learn more.


star of the month: Siena Tompkins

At the start of her freshman year, a usually healthy Siena Tompkins was hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism. Then, “instead of things getting better,” Siena said, “they only got worse.” Since then, Siena has been diagnosed with...

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a deep dive into music therapy

After a traumatic and stressful week in the hospital, Siena Tompkins’ nurse asked her if she would be interested in doing a music therapy session while she was recovering. Siena jumped at the chance and soon a music therapist joined her in her room...

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a conversation with Cort Dingman

   Since first picking up the saxophone in fifth grade to learning to play all sorts of instruments like piano, drums and bass, Cort Dingam has developing as an artist. Born in Kansas and raised in Minnesota, 18-year-old Cort has almost 475,000...

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