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meet lulu johnson

This skateboarding nine-year-old is full of bravery and ambition

written by maggie klaers

      While most high schoolers, college students and grown-ups spent their summers working, nine-year-old Lulu Johnson has been spending her summer learning to defy gravity.

      Lulu’s dad started longboarding and skateboarding when he was in college, so when Lulu got a skateboard for Christmas, learning to skateboard became a way for the family to get outside and spend time together.

      Now, Lulu — and her sisters! — have an Instagram account featuring their incredible skating skills (run with the help of their mom, Mindy). To date, they have over 58K followers.

      Even when Lulu isn’t on her skateboard, she doesn’t spend too much time planted on both feet. She loves to do cartwheels, gymnastics and that she “can hold a headstand for like a minute.”

      Lulu’s favorite trick is usually a kickflip, but right now she’s loving the backside air.

When she grows up, she wants to be a marine biologist and pro skater. She hopes to discover a new sea creature, but in the meantime she really loves learning about discoveries other people have made about sharks.

      When asked for her favorite shark fact, she said “they can smell a small drop of blood from a mile away, and whenever they lose a tooth, even if it's their million tooth, they can still grow another back.” She added, “it makes me sad when they do shark fin soup. It doesn't even taste good.” 

      Lulu has a type of birthmark condition called port-wine Stain that is characterized by purple-red spots on her skin. Sometimes people mistake these marks for bruises she got while skateboarding, of which she has plenty. 

      She also said that “lots of people will like, ‘oh my gosh, what happened to you? Is that a contagious rash?’ And I was like, ‘No, it's a birthmark. It's called angel kisses.’” Sometimes she said it can be annoying when people ask her lots of questions, but Lulu said she doesn’t really mind too much.

      If she could change one thing in the world it would be bullying. She noted that even grown-ups can be bullied too, not just kids.

      Lulu talked about how she loves to make cards for Letters of Love; she especially likes to get creative and make pop-up cards. 

      “Kids should feel like they’re still loved even though they’re sick,” she said. By taking the time to make a card, you are able to show a kid that you are in their corner and that they are not alone, even if you have never met!

      To learn more about how you could make cards like Lulu, click here.

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