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If you would like to donate specifically to our Letters of Love to Ukraine project, please email


All of your money goes directly towards the operation of Letters of Love.

Your donation allows us to provide all the supplies and support for our clubs, provide emotional support items for patients such as toys, books, and art supplies, and pay for all postage fees to send out our letters across the world. With our donations we are also able to host our annual galas and other card making events. Lastly, we do have administrative costs that need to be fulfilled in order to remain an operating nonprofit. These costs include this website, our new office space rent, to name a few. 


It is very important to us here at Letters of Love to keep our high school and college clubs completely free of charge for all students. This is especially vital in our inner city and international clubs. We want to instill the message in our youth that they can change the world with kindness, and they don't need money to do so. In order to keep our organization free for our members, we are so thankful for the kind donations from our community.  

It is our mission to spread smiles and love to the little ones who need it most, and your monetary contribution will help us greatly in fulfilling that mission. We truly cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity.

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