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The work of Letters of Love is made possible by generous donations, large and small. The kindness of our corporate sponsors and individual donors enables us to keep Letters of Love clubs free to all of our members. Please consider helping us continue to pursue our mission of building a kinder world by clicking on our donate button on the bottom left corner of any website page!


All of your money goes directly towards the operation of Letters of Love.

Your donation allows Letters of Love to provide all the card making supplies for our clubs, provide emotional support items for patients, and fund all postage fees to send out our letters across the world. With your investment in Letters of Love, we are also able to fund all administrative costs that need to be fulfilled in order to remain an operating nonprofit. These costs include this website and software fees, licensing fees, etc. 

Please note: any monetary donations sent with card donations will be used for Letters of Love non-profit operations. We are unable to send money to our card recipients.


It is of utmost importance for us to remain strong in our promise of keeping our high school and college clubs completely free of charge for all members. This is especially vital in our inner city and international clubs. Your donation allows us to instill the message in our members that they can change the world with the kindness in their hearts, not the depth of their pockets. The support from our loving community is what allows us to continue our mission each day, we truly could not spread love without you.

It is our mission to spread smiles and love to the little ones who need it most, and your monetary contribution makes our mission possible. We truly cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity.


If you would like to donate specifically to our Letters of Love to Ukraine project, please email

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