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it's easy as 1, 2, 3!
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Letters of Love accepts cards year-round. Whether for birthdays, winter holidays, Valentine's Day, seasonal cards, or just one with your favorite knock-knock joke, thank you for taking the time to make a kid's day.

step 1:

Before you start, check out our card-making guidelines. Click the button below for a quick rundown of what should go into a card (and what shouldn't).

step 2:

Uncap your markers, fold your paper, and write out a sweet message!


Need some inspiration? Click the button below to check out our Card Hall of Fame to see some of our favorites.


step 3:

Put all of your cards in one envelope (not in individual ones). 

Head to your nearest mailbox, and send your package of cards to:

Letters of Love

P.O. Box 354  

Long Lake, MN 55356 

United States

have questions?

*Please note: any monetary donations sent with card donations will be used for Letters of Love non-profit operations. We are unable to send money to our card recipients.

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