Meet the people who have made this organization possible and learn about their roles in the organization!


Grace Berbig



Maggie Klaers

Club Liaison & Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Positive Press

"I fell in love with the idea behind Letters of Love instantly, so when I was a senior in high school I decided to start a branch of it with my friends. Since then, it has been so incredibly uplifting to see the support we've gotten and how much excited teenagers get to help out. I have loved every second of my time with Letters of Love and was honored when Grace offered me a position in the non-profit. I am beyond excited to be a part of the LOL family and look forward to having a front row view of the amazing things that we will accomplish."

Maggie is a Biology and Visual Communications Design major at the University of Notre Dame.


Darby Sween

Vice President

"Hi! I’m Darby Sween. I am currently a sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Madison studying marketing and management in the business school. This semester, I helped start a LOL club at Madison, which has been a huge success! I am an original Letters of Love member, back in the very first meeting in Ms. Hudgens art room at Orono High school nearly 4 years ago now. This organization has meant so much to me and been a part of my life in some form constantly for the last four years of my life."

Darby is a Marketing and Management major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Marta Hill

Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Positive Press

"I love working for Letters of Love because it really embodies the idea that little actions can make a big difference. After all, making a card isn’t complicated or too hard, but it can bring a smile to someone face, and that is priceless. Every project I have been involved in — from the gala, to Positive Press, to helping with a chapter at my high school — has been so much fun and so rewarding. Can’t wait to keep spreading smiles!"

Marta is a Journalism major at Northeastern University.


Leo Kelley

Chief Financial Officer

"I initially got involved with Letters of Love when Grace Berbig offered me a position as the treasurer. After getting to know Grace and what Letters of Love is all about, it was an opportunity I simply could not pass up. I have only been a member of the amazing Letters of Love family for a short while, but even in the last month, it has been a pleasure to help Grace’s dreams and visions for this non-profit seem more than attainable. I am excited to see what new avenues we can try, and I take pride in helping extend the reach of this unbelievable organization."

Leo is a Business Economics major at the University of California San Diego.