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Letters of Love is a

volunteer-based organization.

From the students who attend club meetings, to our non-profit board, there are a plethora of ways for people to get involved. We cannot express enough gratitude for everyone who has donated their time to make Letters of Love what it is today. Continue scrolling to learn more about our board members and executive volunteers.





Founder & President

"I cannot explain how deeply grateful I am for all of the support we have received, and for each wonderful person that is a part of our growing family. Thank you for being a part of the team who fights to put smiles on the faces of children who are fighting a battle that no kid ever should."


Darby Sween

Vice President

"Hi! I’m Darby Sween. I am currently a sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Madison studying marketing and management in the business school. This semester, I helped start a LOL club at Madison, which has been a huge success! I am an original Letters of Love member, back in the very first meeting in Ms. Hudgens art room at Orono High school nearly 4 years ago now. This organization has meant so much to me and been a part of my life in some form constantly for the last four years of my life."


Berit Francis

Head of External Relations

"I joined the “Letters of Love Global” after serendipitously meeting Founder Grace Berbig and being monumentally impressed with her, her profound story and the meaningful work the organization is doing. I, too, believe in the importance of spreading love and kindness through letters/cards (especially to those individuals with the greatest need including children with illnesses). I sincerely believe the in the positive impact of spreading loving messages throughout the world!"

Darby is a Marketing and Management major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Leo Kelley

Chief Financial Officer

"I initially got involved with Letters of Love when Grace Berbig offered me a position as the treasurer. After getting to know Grace and what Letters of Love is all about, it was an opportunity I simply could not pass up. I have only been a member of the amazing Letters of Love family for a short while, but even in the last month, it has been a pleasure to help Grace’s dreams and visions for this non-profit seem more than attainable. I am excited to see what new avenues we can try, and I take pride in helping extend the reach of this unbelievable organization."

Leo is a Business Economics major at the University of California San Diego.


Maggie Klaers

Design Special Projects

"Letters of Love inspires me daily. It reminds me to consider my own impact on the world around me, challenges me to dream bigger, and pushes me to bring more joy into the world. As soon as I heard about the mission Grace had for Letters of Love, I knew I wanted to get involved. It's so unique to find a group of people as devoted to creating a kinder world as I have found in the Letters of Love volunteers. Grace and everyone at Letters of Love are such a beacon of light in my life!"

Maggie is a Biology and Visual Communications Design major at the University of Notre Dame.


Meet the people who have made this organization possible and learn about their roles in the organization!



Co-Head of Outreach

"I love LOL. I’m involved because I like making kids smile and that’s the whole point of what we do. The emotional support Letters of Love creates changes lives and I cherish the chance to help be a part of that."

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Junior

Kayla headshot_edited.jpg


Co-Head of Outreach

"The reason why I joined LOL was because I wanted to be a part of something that hit close to my heart. Working with, and for kids has always been my greatest passion! Letters of Love was a place where I could pursue this passion!"

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Junior



Co-Head of Fundraising

I have been involved with L.O.L. since high school thanks to my friend Grace Berbig! I am proud to be a part of this team of amazing people and I am excited to see what the future brings!

Northern Arizona University, Junior



Head of Design

"I’ve been able to watch Letters of Love grow from a small club at my own high school to a worldwide non-profit organization and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the LOL team that has made all of this possible. I’m personally connected with LOL as Grace and I have been friends for many years and her relentless dedication to LOL’s impact has become such an inspiration to me. I’m grateful to have the privilege of creating media designs that help to spread our mission alongside Grace and the rest of our incredible team!"

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Junior



Co-Head of Events

"When I first met Grace freshman year, and she came to me with the idea of Letters of Love, I never could have imagined the extent at which this idea would make an impact. Letters of love has not only impacted myself and our small high school in Orono, Minnesota, but has visibly made a difference in communities all over the world. Letters of Love brings light to thousands of patients and truly brings hope to those who need it, and for that I am truly grateful."

Texas Christian University, Sophomore

Annie Sween_edited.jpg


Co-Head of Events

"I am involved with Letters of Love because of the unique opportunity to make an impact in my community along with being connected with the amazing people involved with the organization!"

Minnetonka High School, Senior



Strategic Growth Manager

"I love working for Letters of Love because it really embodies the idea that little actions can make a big difference. After all, making a card isn’t complicated or too hard, but it can bring a smile to someone face, and that is priceless. Every project I have been involved in — from the gala, to Positive Press, to helping with a chapter at my high school — has been so much fun and so rewarding. Can’t wait to keep spreading smiles!"

Northeastern University, Junior



Head of Social Marketing

"Letters of Love has changed my life. In more ways than I can count, LOL has left a positive impact on everyone that it has reached. It is an organization that not only spreads love, but also runs on love. Our founder, Grace, reminds me of this everyday with the passion that she has for making a difference. She and LOL have continued to teach me how to be a better person and love more. Being involved in LOL shines a large light on what is important in my life: spreading kindness and love in every way!"

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Junior



Co-Chair of Finance & Accounting

 I am apart of Letters of Love because of the gratitude and hope I can help provide. Letters of Love provides a powerful message and pours into children to offer emotional support in a very dark time. Not only has this organization brought fulfillment to these kids, it has also shifted my heart in more ways than I can explain. The joy I have gained from being involved in this organization is something I will always cherish. 

Baylor University, Junior



Head of Hospital Relations

"I am involved in Letters of Love because I am so passionate about our mission. Providing emotional support to patients is something that I think is not done enough yet can make such a positive impact on the lives of the patients and their families. I cannot express enough how much I love seeing the happiness Letters of Love continues to bring to children and how lucky I am to help bring about some of this happiness!"

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Junior

Mira headshot_edited.jpg


Head of Club Communications

"I decided to get involved in Letters of Love because I knew it was an organization unlike any others I have ever seen. Letters of Love is unique because it gives people an accessible way to make a huge difference in their community and the world. I love how inclusive, impactful, and loving the organization and people involved with it are. I am so beyond grateful to have found such an amazing community of people who want to make a difference in the world and spread love. I see so much potential in Letters of Love and know that the organization will go on to accomplish so many meaningful things for as long as it exists."

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Junior


Sophia J

Head of International Relations

I started with Letters of Love because I fell in love with the mission to spread joy to children! I’ve truly enjoyed working with a loving and compassionate community! 

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Junior


Sophia G

Co-Head of External Communications

"I am involved in Letters of Love because I have seen the positive impact that cards and emotional support can bring children and their loved ones. To me, the mission of Letters of Love has always been about supporting others and spreading kindness. This is a message that strongly resonates with me, and I want to do my role in making sure others can feel the impact of this organization."

University of Missouri, Junior



Sponsored Athletes Manager

"I enjoy being a part of letters of love because it means the world to me to bring joy to others. Letters of love is an easy way to be involved in your community and to spread love to those who are in a time where they need it the most. I am so grateful that I can be a part of such a wonderful thing."

Mound Westonka High School, Junior

To all of our volunteers listed here, as well as all those who have given their time to Letters of Love — thank you for your generosity of spirit and kindness of heart. 

With your help, we have donated over 100,000 cards so far! 

want to join us?

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