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Letters of Love is a volunteer-based organization.

From the students who attend club meetings, to our non-profit board, there are a plethora of ways for people to get involved. We cannot express enough gratitude for everyone who has donated their time to make Letters of Love what it is today. Continue scrolling to learn more about our board members and executive volunteers.


Founder & President

Grace Berbig

"I cannot explain how deeply grateful I am for all of the support we have received, and for each wonderful person that is a part of our growing family. Thank you for being a part of the team who fights to put smiles on the faces of children who are fighting a battle that no kid ever should."


Marta Hill

Club Development

"I love working for Letters of Love because it really embodies the idea that little actions can make a big difference. After all, making a card isn’t complicated or too hard, but it can bring a smile to someone face, and that is priceless. Every project I have been involved in — from the gala, to Positive Press, to helping with a chapter at my high school — has been so much fun and so rewarding. Can’t wait to keep spreading smiles!"

Marta is a Journalism major with Data Science and Photojournalism minors at Northeastern University.


Owen Larson

Volunteer Manager

"Ever since I came to the first meeting in 2018, Letters of Love has had me hooked. The meetings are such a fun and friendly environment with so many good people. My mother lost her battle with cancer when I was 16. To see all my peers willing to lend a hand to those in need has meant the world to me and has helped me heal.  I joined Letters of Love because I saw an opportunity to improve myself and give back to my community. Hopefully, I will help others heal too. "

Owen is a Biological Systems Engineering major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Maggie Klaers

Design Special Projects

"Letters of Love inspires me daily. It reminds me to consider my own impact on the world around me, challenges me to dream bigger, and pushes me to bring more joy into the world. As soon as I heard about the mission Grace had for Letters of Love, I knew I wanted to get involved. It's so unique to find a group of people as devoted to creating a kinder world as I have found in the Letters of Love volunteers. Grace and everyone at Letters of Love are such a beacon of light in my life!"

Maggie is a Biology and Visual Communications Design major at the University of Notre Dame.

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Susan Breon

Development and Operations Consultant

"What impresses me about Letters of Love Global, is its explosive growth which demonstrates an incredible desire among young adults to engage in their community
and to make a difference in another persons’ life. With that growth comes a need to assist Letters of Love develop the infrastructure needed to maintain long-term sustainable growth. My focus is to assist LOL to continue to serve others, while continuing to expand its reach."


Berit Francis

Corporate Relations

"I joined Letters of Love after serendipitously meeting Founder Grace Berbig and being monumentally impressed with her, her profound story and the meaningful work the organization is doing. I, too, believe in the importance of spreading love and kindness through letters/cards (especially to those individuals with the greatest need including children with illnesses). I sincerely believe the in the positive impact of spreading loving messages throughout the world!"


Spreading joy through our letters would not be possible without the generosity, time and spirit from our many volunteers. We are incredibly proud of our executive volunteers, aged 17-23, who have accepted the following leadership roles within our organization.

Campbell Ryall | International Relations
Mira Adelstein | Club Communications
Lily Nick | Ukraine Relations Manager
Ryan Adelstein | Card Workshops
Caryn Childers | Card Distribution
Lily Nick | Card Distribution
Annie Sween
| Club Relations
Hailey Lockwood | Sponsored Athlete Manager
Lexie Borgelt | Hospital Relations
Addie Thalhuber | Individual Patient Support 
Kayla Cerminaro | Brand Relations
Crosbie Francis | Creative Director
Cordelia Sherwood | Social Media
Paige Thurston | Head of Events
Audry Link | External Communications
Jack Welch | Head of Operations

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