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In this project, volunteers wrote a Letter of Love that was directly delivered to a Ukrainian refugee. Moms had the opportunity to write to another mom and kids were able to write to kids, but letters from everyone were welcomed. People in Poland, France, the United Kingdom, and any other country can also use the letterhead templates on this site to write their letters!

Our hearts go out to all those who have been displaced as a result of conflict, fear and violence worldwide. While many of us feel powerless to the many tragedies our world faces today, there are small things we can do that can have a big impact.


At Letters of Love, we believe that there is an immense power in a hand-made card. Through the personal action of writing a note, we are able to remind people of their worth, show them they are loved and provide some strength for their journey.


While we normally focus our efforts on providing emotional support to hospitalized and seriously-ill kids, we have partnered with some caring, motivated citizens from Colorado to channel some of our collective anxiety surrounding the current situation in Ukraine into a project that may bring even a small spark of relief to those afflicted.


After two years of sending 1000s of your heartfelt letters and cards to Ukrainian refugee kids and moms, we have wrapped a bow on this project in July of 2024. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all who have taken the time to make a card, and to all who have given their time to help cards make their way to Ukraine. 

These are orphans temporarily housed in Germany receiving your letters. 

Children injured and/or orphaned by the conflict receiving your letters in Children’s Clinics in Kyiv.

Frombork, Poland

Kyiv Children's Clinic

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Check out some of the letters we received!  Many thanks to the authors for letting us share these letters with you!


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Many thanks to our partners in this initiative. With your help, we are able to come one step closer to creating a kinder world, one letter at a time. Click on the images to learn more about each of our partners.

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Letters of Love to Ukraine is an expansion of a library-based summer 2022 letter-writing campaign in Colorado called Project Colorado Cares. This project would not have been possible without the incredible work of a group of three individuals who came together for a common cause. They are grassroots and apolitical. Program implementation is administered by vetted partners and humanitarian relief organizations in coordination with our team. 

STEVE POPOVICH, the project lead, is a recent civil service retiree who worked for the US Forest Service, US Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and other federal natural resources agencies. He is tenured in humanitarian aid relief efforts globally and resides in Colorado. He is a grandson of Ukrainians.

LARYSA MARTYNIUK is a Colorado mom, artist, and first-generation Ukrainian American. 

VINCE MURPHY is a Colorado-based software developer, and long-term supporter of community projects.